Privacy policy

General provisions

In order to ensure the quality of the services and servicing, this privacy policy of GoIT“ establishes the rules of processing of the customers’ personal data, certain conditions for provision of the services and their restrictions, as well as the user flow analysis tools available on goservers.lt/en.

The customers of „GoIT“, who visit the goit.en website and provide their personal data in the inquiry form or otherwise, agree with the personal data processing regulations set forth in this Privacy Policy and the possible installation of the user flow analysis tools on their devices.

Rules for processing of personal data of the existing customers

„GoIT“ hereby declares that it may perform collection and storage of certain personal data of the customers. In this case, the processing of the available data will be performed in compliance with the following regulations:

  • The available personal data of customers shall be processed and accessed only by the authorised staff of „GoIT“ company and only for the purposes related to provision of the services, such as provision of offers, updating of information, invoicing, etc.
  • The available customer data shall not be disclosed to third parties unless „GoIT“ is authorised by the legal authorities to disclose such information.

„GoIT“ undertakes to process the available personal data of customers in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Service provision restrictions

„GoIT“ hereby notes that if a customer fails to indicate the necessary personal data, a timely provision of the services may be delayed or suspended or discontinued in case of refusal to provide the aforesaid data.

„GoIT“ reserves the right to discontinue the provision of the services in case of suspicions related to the authenticity of the personal data provided by a client, as well as in the event when the client fails to fulfil the financial obligations.

User flow analysis tools

„GoIT“ hereby informs that the user flow analysis tools (cookies) may be used on goit.lt/en. Cookies may be installed in all devices used to access the website. „GoIT“ notes that the data collected shall be intended for the purpose of analysis and improvement of the quality of the provided services only.


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