Do you know the weak and critical parts of your IT infrastructure? Do you check how your backup and recovery system works? Do you know the roles of all users in the company and their access to data? Do you understand whether IT resources are allocated and used correctly?

We offer a preventive IT audit to answer these and other questions and help you optimise your IT infrastructure.

When presenting the results of the audit, we provide a complete overview of your IT infrastructure (IT services and systems available to users, third parties, computer workstations and users, servers, their functions, detailed information, network equipment, backup systems, assessment of the state of the server environment, anti-virus systems etc.), and present comments and recommendations in detail.

How does it work?
  • Needs discussionNeeds discussion
  • Contract draftingContract drafting
  • IT-infrustrcutre assessmentIT-infrustrcutre assessment
  • Preparation of conclusionsPreparation of conclusions
  • Report submissionReport submission
Service plans Basic Full
Identifying and collecting information on computerised workplaces
Collection of information on servers, their roles/functions, their schemes
Identification and architecture of network devices
Collection of information on critical applications of the organisation, their critical availability
Computer and software health assessment
Analysis of IT services and information systems available to users
Analysis and evaluation of external IT information (external IP addresses, domains, websites)
Assessment of the organisation’s IT security status: data backup and continuity; information security
Analysis of IT management processes
Assessment of potential threats and their likelihoods in relation to identified vulnerabilities
Assessment of the organisation’s IT infrastructure, documentation, recommendations to improve efficiency and optimise maintenance
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