We store a wide range of important information on our devices: confidential business documents, sensitive personal information of employees, clients and partners, and personal files.

Regular backups are the surest way to protect your business data from irreparable damage after a cyber breach.

This allows you to have multiple backup file options. The chances of losing both originals and copies at the same time are very low, so you can always restore lost data.

How does it work?
  • Finding out your needsFinding out your needs
  • Preparing a proposalPreparing a proposal
  • Agreeing on the scope of servicesAgreeing on the scope of services
  • Signing the contractSigning the contract
  • CollaborationCollaboration
Ensuring cloud backups


Price/pc. (VAT exluded)

Physical and virtual servers

Full server backup

from 25,00 €

Computer workstation

Full backup of a computer workstation

 from 12,50 € (up to 250 GB)

Microsoft 365 backup

Backup of Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive

from 3,00 € (up to 1 TB)/user

Google Workspace backup

Email and disk backup and restore

from 3,00 € (up to 10 GB)/user
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